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JBL SRX828SP 2000W Dual 18" Powered Subwoofers
JBL SRX815P 2000W 15" Powered Speakers
JBL SRX835P 2000W 15" 3-way Powered Speakers

JBL PRX812W 1500W 12" Powered Speakers/Monitors
JBL PRX815W 1500W 15" Powered Speakers/Monitors
EV ELX112P 12" powered Speakers​/Monitors

Consoles & I/O:

Midas M32 Tour Packages
Midas M32r Tour Packages
Midas M32C 40-channel Digital Rackmount Mixers

Midas DL32 32-input / 16-output Stage Boxes
Midas DL16 16-input / 8-output Stage Boxes
Behringer S16 16-input / 8-output Stage Box
Behringer XR18 Tablet Controlled Digital Mixer
WAVES Proton DUO Soundgrid server/computer
Waves Soundgrid Extreme Servers


Shure PSM300 P3TRA  In-ear Monitor Systems
Sennheiser G4 In-ear monitor systems
Shure ULXD Wireless Mic Systems
Shure QLXD4 Wireless Mic Systems
Shure SLXD24 Wireless Mic Systems



SE electronics 
Radial Engineering
Livewire Solutions


Elation Platinum Beam 5R
Elation ACL 360 Bar
ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal
ETC Source Four Par 
Chauvet intimidator spot 360
360W RGBW Moving Wash with Zoom
SHARPY 7R Moving Beam 230W
ADJ UB 6H linear wash
ADJ UB 9H linear wash

Par56 cans
Generico 2-Lite Blinder
Cameo Thunder Wash 100
Blizzard Stormchaser Supercell

Martin M2GO
Chamsys MagicQ on PC


Global 12" Box Truss (various lengths)
Tomcat 20.5"x20.5"x10' Truss
Schedule 40 pipe (6', 8', 10')
50 lb schedule 40 base
Applied Electronics L-16 Crank Lifts
Global Trus ST-180 Crank Lifts
Various Truss Base Plates

Power & Copper:

200a Power Distro Racks- (2) 20a edison, (5) NEMA L5-15, (4) NEMA L14-30
CEP 50a Spider Boxes w California style connector
Custom Multi-pin solutions
Elite Core XLR & DATA cables
Whirlwind XLR


Biljax st8100 4'x4' stage decks w adjustable legs

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